Vera's husband was an alcoholic, a very abusive alcoholic. When he was sober, he was quite pleasant, but when he had been drinking he was a terror.

Vera had been raised in a family who didn't believe in divorce. They would spurn her if she ever left him. So she stayed in the abusive relationship. It was necessary for her survival to find a way to deal with her troubles.

One week, while her husband was away on a business trip, she hit upon a solution. She hired a carpenter to come into her home, and down in the basement, he built a cozy nook, a nook that was so well hidden it couldn't be found. Once the door was closed and locked from the inside, it looked just like the rest of the walls on the outside. The cozy nook had electricity for lighting, and a hidden door to the outside of the building so that Vera could escape if need be.

Vera stocked the little nook with books, canned food and water, and even fixed a place to brew coffee or cook a meal on a hot plate. She put a comfortable chair in there, plus a cot and blankets.

When her husband returned all was well for awhile, but then he started drinking again. And with the drinking, he again became abusive. Whenever this would happen, Vera disappeared and he had no idea where she went. Vera was quite comfortable in her cozy nook, and years went by with her escaping whenever she needed to do so.

But then one day, Vera decided she had had enough of having to hide away. She simply snapped from the pressure. She sealed the door from the outside, so it could not be opened or seen. Then, when her husband had one of his alcoholic black outs, she dragged him to the basement, put him on the cot, went and got his gun and killed him. Then she left the room, sealed the inside door shut and went about her business.

His boss called to see why he didn't go to work. She told him that her husband had disappeared and she had no idea where he was.

Her family asked about his whereabouts. She told them she had no idea where he was. Someone reported hilm missing to the police. They came to the house, searched, but could not find him. It was decided that in one of his drunken states, he must have met with some terrible fate. Well, he did meet with a terrible state, but only Vera knew what it was.

An odor started coming up from the basement. Vera worried about this. She decided there would only be one thing she could do. So she decided to take a trip. She closed the house, stopped the mail and paper, and told everyone she was taking a long world-wide trip. They all thought this was a good idea. After all, she was under so much pressure from having her husband disappear.

She drew out all her and her husband's money from the bank. It was a lot of money. They had done well in investments. Then she left, never to return. Nobody ever heard from her again. After she failed to pay taxes on her house, and the tax people took it over, everyone did finally know what terrible fate had befallen her husband.


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