My heart is poinsettia red,
You have filled it with Your own dear blood,
My love in return and love to all others,
Ne'er do You exclude our brothers.

Our efforts to give wax so pitying,
Next Your humble baby's crying,
Even so, tho some decry harried gift-giving,
It is in such giving we are truly living

Explosions of shiny foil red blue and green,
The most novel expressions Man's ever seen.
What's too much for me, if I am quieter,
Let everyone be, the gaudier the better!

Lights on trees, doorways and stores,
Echo that star that bids us yore.
Hail, hail, let red hearts sing out!
You live in us - there is no doubt!

By Norma (

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I took the photograph of the beautiful Trump Tower tree two Christmases ago when I visited Manhattan.

The midi is "Christmastime Is Here".