My prayer is for a simple Christmas near home and hearth,
Far away from the noise and strife.

Just a simple Christmas free from money grubbers and phony hype,
Filled with love of family and dear friends, you know the type.

I want to go back in time to the country store and presents but a few,
Where folks greeted you with a smile and a howdy do.

Lost in time are the tiny trees with presents wrapped with string,
And oranges and apples were what Santa would bring.

Mama made a sweater with her own hands,
And a batch of home made candy stored in recycled cans.

Daddy hulled walnuts from the trees out back,
And gave them as gifts be-ribboned in brown paper sacks.

Bobby whittled a toy soldier for his friend Roy,
And Susie received a corn husk doll as her toy.

The simple pleasures of life have been stolen from our minds.
We have been duped into indulgence and made to be blind.

A gift from the heart made with loving hands,
Is a treasure not built on sinking sands.

Phyllis Ann (

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