She filled her tub with Botox and jumped in,
And, immediately, had tighter skin.
With wrinkles no more,
Her cheeks grew so sore
That the poor woman could no longer grin

In minutes, her crows feet had vanished, too,
Stretching her eyelids to obscure her view.
Little did she think
That her brows would shrink -
Her Botox bath, she began then to rue

Her elbows stiffened, and then next her knees -
It seemed every joint began to freeze.
Her skin grew so tight
That nothing worked right.
Trapped in the bathtub, no one heard her pleas.

And so, for several days, there she lay,
While Botox smoothed all her wrinkles away.
Her lovely skin shone,
Pulled tight to the bone.
She was a manikin by the fourth day.

RickMack (

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