I was born in '34
I can't recall ever being "poor"
The first Christmas I can remember
Was the year I turned three in November

A blue and silver tricycle next to the tree
Brought by Santa for my sister and me
The next year was a wonderful sled
Long and wood with runners of red

When I was five I got the best gift of all
One I cherished for years, a real-haired doll
In a gown of red velvet, gold sequins in rows
White silk stockings and slippers with bows

With blue glass eyes that opened and closed
Her face was lovely with a pert little nose
Her head could turn, her arms and legs moved
Oh, never was a doll more loved!

But I grew up of course, and I moved on
Thoughts of real haired dolls were gone
But in quiet times, every once in a while
I'll think of my doll and my heart will smile

susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)

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