Evelyn and Tom McCusker wrote the following review of 1999.

A panorama now unfolds. With hindsight clear,
We take inventory of another year.
New Year's night a full moon lit the sky,
Illuminating the way for the three Magi.
White Christmas dreams came late. Without a sound,
The Milkyway had fallen to the ground!
The snowstorm was relentless, true Arctic weather,
Spinning and weaving night and day together.
Still basking in Christmas afterglow,
We were charmed by deer tracks in the snow.

Each season holds a special place
Inside our souls as along we race.
There is carried in each heart
An album of images and pieces of art
Collected through the year just past,
Some forgotten, some will last.
Memory! First it coaxes smiles of gladness.
Then, in a breath, it evokes sighs of sadness.
Each turn of Time's kaleidoscope
Gives us new experiences, joy and hope.

Beginnings get lost in endings.
Time's flight just keeps on wending.
Spring, viewed through a fine green mist,
All too soon was kissed
By Autumn's purple and gold--
Always breathtaking to behold.
When the Master Painter gave His nod
The world was a sea of goldenrod.
Then, with a sigh,
Long summer days were waved goodbye.

An extended Indian Summer, the gift of November,
Warmed us at Thanksgiving and into December.
Advent Wreath's candles are now burning
And many hearts are yearning
For a childlike faith and pure simplicity
As Christ comes to us not veiled in mystery.
He comes to us a little child, a helpless thing,
Baby Jesus, our Saviour King.
When faith of childhood springs anew
Our hearts will be much lighter too.



Evelyn and Tom McCusker (Evenccw@aol.com)




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