I'm all alone, but it's my own fault
My heart has never felt the assault
of a true love felt for me by any man
So, I just talk and laugh with those I can

There have been some who said the words
But they were more like the songs of birds
There at the time they sounded so sweet
Said in a moment of passion's heat

Now I'm too set in my ways to ever change
There is no desire to re-arrange
I would share my life for an hour or two
Or maybe overnight with someone like you

It would be nice, sometimes, to see a morning face
Across the table filling that empty place
Talking and laughing about things past
Keeping it light so night feelings don't last

How sad the thoughts that in my mind dwell
How spotted this paper where my tears fell
But I am old, and set in my ways
Guess I'll quit wishing for "true love" days

susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)

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