I remember, many years ago
A Christmas in San Antonio
Under grey, rain-laden skies
I sat, alone, with tear-laden eyes

No tree with lights in my living room
Small apartment swathed in gloom
"Merry Christmas" just empty words
Said to no one, and no one heard

Of course, the family called with cheer
And I laughed and chatted for them to hear
How spending Christmas alone wasn't so bad
As long as I talked to them it wasn't sad

But the day dragged on, it seemed without end
Holidays are no fun without family or friend
a memorable Christmas? Just ash, with no ember
to light up the past, no joy to remember

So now, each Christmas Day that I am here
Is a memorable day with loved ones near
And here's my advice to anyone wanting to roam
There's no place to be at Christmas but home


susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)




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