All of the ideas about animals throughout history are quite good, I agree.
But what about man's best friend, the working dog, I state my plea.

Whether he sniffs for drugs or bombs and such,
Or gives the folks at the nursing home that special touch,
He has given man so very much.

There are dogs that search for victims of avalanches, earthquakes and disasters of all sorts,
And many dogs help fetch for their master in sports.

The dogs of 911 burnt their paws in endless searches on hot ground,
They were faithful servants and duty bound.

Dogs throughout history have helped the blind,
healed the sick and helped all human kind.

They have rescued many a lost soul and saved some from fire,
And they have worked on farms and been put out for hire.

They have hunted, searched, worked and been soldiers in WWII.
They have worked as K-9's for the safety of me and you.

Working dogs, I applaud your noble stature which has kept up with the times.
You truly are man's best friend and the subject of my rhyme.

Phyllis Ann (

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