A year doesn’t make noise. People do that.
Whether you are awake or asleep, light sky or dark.
It comes at Midnight and opens the door to tomorrow.
It is coming even if you didn’t invite it.

Some of us may be hoping that the new year will bring,
All that we want to make us better, smarter, anything.
We can’t change yesterday, it’s already in the past.
And that tomorrow is coming, almost too fast.

The best thing to do is to work on today.
Right now is important, what to do and to say.
“After the holidays, maybe next week,
Today I’ll just wait, tomorrow I’ll seek.”

And while you are waiting, the time thunders on.
Suddenly you realize, today’s almost gone.
“Oh, what have I missed? Can I do it right this time?”
You can’t spend a nickel on what now costs a dime.

Think of all the promises that you can make.
Which ones can you keep? Which ones will you break?
Keep all your loved ones close to your heart.
And all who may hurt you, keep far apart.

“Do unto others.” But you should do it today.
Waiting too long makes the price harder to pay.
I hope that you never, in your life, should you hear,
“Too much trouble today. I’ll do it next year.”


© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)



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The featured 'toon is a Swampetta original.