Santa is coming! Wait 'til he lands!
And then he will look for our outstretched hands.
He flies through the wind, the snow and the rain.
He spots a hitchhiker on the corner of Main.

This guy looks nasty, a real scary dude.
Santa does stop, doesn't want to be rude.
"Can I catch a ride? The creepy one asks.
"Not with me." Says Santa, "Too many tasks!"

"But I've got places to go and people to see"
The creepy one says,,,"They're waiting for me!"
"Just give me one real quick ride to Fallujah"
"You don't want to disappoint them? Huh? Do yah?"

Santa gets goosebumps, and not from the cold.
This guy looks familiar. He knows him of old.
This one won't leave presents, he only brings sorrow.
He won't ride with him, not today or tomorrow.

"Nope. I can't take you. My sleigh is all filled."
"And I don't think that anyone wants to be killed"
"They have enough trouble, they're having a war."
"There is too much misery, no one wants more."

"You have all year, I have only one night."
" You can't ride with me, It wouldn't be right."
The reindeer flew up, into the clouds fading.
Santa yelled back...."Go visit Osama Bin Laden."


By Swampetta (



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The featured 'toon is a Swampetta original.