Do you own a family album, an album with photographs of your ancestors? If you don't have an album, perhaps you keep photographs in a box, or have them lying loose in a drawer. I have a family album that my mother put together a few years before she died. It has pictures of my great-grandparents, my grandparents, my uncles, aunts, and cousins. My mother was creative and decorated each page. In other words, she was 'scrapbooking' before scrapbooking became popular.

In case you haven't noticed, Scrapbooking has taken the craft world by storm. Craft stores have stocked shelf-after-shelf of decorative papers, miniature decals, tiny beads, and other decorations to use in scrapbooking. Future generations won't find today's photographs displayed on dull brown pages and arranged in monotonous rows. Today's scrapbookers are displaying their family pictures in new and creative ways.

If you haven't done any scrapbooking, I would encourage you to try it. Let future generations see your photographs displayed in creative arrangements. Then embellish your pages with poetry. Write down your memories and put them in packets which you can attach to a page. Beat the winter doldrums by getting involved with scrapbooking.

Phyllis Ann ( is doing some scrapbooking and she shares this with us:


I took a view type loose leaf binder and replicated pictures of myself at various stages throughout my life for the front view pocket section. I scanned old photos, edited them into ovals and printed them on 8 1/2 by 11 HP photo paper to make this cover piece. I also made a spine using an Avery template from their website. I bought a ream of cream color inkjet paper and printed one of my poems or writings to a page. Each page had a suitable graphic to go with it or an embellishment. Each page was inserted into an acid free page protector. I put tab dividers between the sections, ie family, recollections, musings, fantasy, humor, etc. I made a personalized gift page for the front. This was a Christmas gift to my youngest daughter. For my oldest daughter, I burned the same pages onto a CD and made a jewel case cover that was personalized for her. They were so happy with these personal gifts from Mom. I thought some of our visitors to Lara's Den might like to do something like this with their writing.

Best Wishes for the New Year,

Phyllis Ann

Summer Vacation

The slap of waves, the creak of oars,
A fisherman's dream, who could ask for more?

The chill of morning air out on the lake,
The warmth of afternoon sun our skin did bake.

The concrete anchor sank to the bottom with ease,
The reels cast out their line on a great summer breeze.

The minnows and worms did their job,
The net took in our spoil, from the lake we did rob.

The slap of waves, the creak of oars,
Back we went to the shores.

Dad and uncle took our catch to the scaling house,
They did their work as quick as a mouse.

Frying pan filled with grease,
Corn meal breading on the fish.

Iced cold tea, slaw on our plates,
That's summer vacation, isn't it great?


Phyllis Ann (




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