Christmas sights and sounds
Christmas tastes and smells
A Christmas touch
These senses at this time of the year
Have always meant so much

To see a nativity in the yard at the church
or to view a snowcovered hill of birch
To watch squirrels and cardinals looking for food
Christmas is the time for all brotherhood

Music is never more beautiful than at this time
When praise to the Lord is sung in voices sublime
It's a time for jingle bells to be ringing
A time for the snowflakes the North Wind is flinging

And the food, ah the glorious food!
The tastes of Christmas, so wonderfully good!
The roasted goose, the lovely baked hams
Fruitcakes and pies, the sweet candied yams

The piney smell of the spruce Christmas tree
Fills the house, awakening delight in me
It smells like this only one time a year
And it adds to the home that is filled with cheer

The children so happy it gives me a lift
The touch of their kisses are the best Christmas gift
And the feel of my family's hands held in prayer
Just lets me know how much we all care

Christmas holidays fill all of my senses
Makes it happy and joyful without any pretenses
Senses of Christmas all over the earth
Fill our hearts as we celebrate the Lord's birth

By susi Taylor (

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