Whistling winds from the mountain tops,
Sand blowing and slicing our legs,
Too proud we were for long stockings.
We got chaffed and raw when we played.

Caps or not, our hair was flying,
Til dark we played, running vacant lots.
Charley was Geronimo,
Me, just a cowgirl in the plot.

At about 6:00, round the radio we gathered
"Jack Armstrong, the All American Boy" blared out.
Mother frying onions and steak to eat,
Daddy home from work - well just about.

We sang "Have you tried Wheaties?"
The best breakfast food in the land?
Have you tried Wheaties?
For wheat is the best food of man.

"It's crunchy, it's tasty, the whole day through.
Jack Armstrong never tires of it and neither will you.
Have you tried Wheaties?
The best breakfast food in the land."

(You can clap now.)

Snow came about once the whole year long
With a dry blast and banked up on fences.
Did you ever try to pack a snowman with powder?
We did the best we could with our senses.

We rolled in it - never got wet,
But to us, it was the very best yet.
Our cheeks stung, for the wind was a blowing,
The snow blew, too, air-dried at its going.

The tree came alighted in Alligator Park,
Right in the center - in the middle of town,
Santa all with sleigh and reindeer cable-anchored
No doubt in us he would soon be around.

The Sun Bowl parade was always the coldest.
And we just had to see it each year.
Floats of flowers and bands all the boldest.
We'd sit on tops of "flivvers" - cover our ears.

Doubt if it's changed much over many years,
The park, the wind, even with global warming,
But it was the funnest to us in woolen coats.
Scratching ‘til spring made its coming.

~ © Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

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