Christmas is over, rah rah, rah, rah,
Time to about winter think.
But the snow has gone away,
Wonder when it will be back.

The fox lives in the culvert
Just up the lane.
He is so red and
What a full tail.

The rabbits are hopping about,
The birds are staying low,
The wind is so strong,
But I am looking all about.

Wintertime in Wyoming,
Bare and brown is the game,
Black dirty snow drifts still about,
Limbs a swaying in the wind.

Noises I hear from the wind,
But downstairs it is calm,
Glad the vehicles are in the garage,
For now no company we will get.

Just a dull winter day,
Write a story, tell a tale.
Think of another nice day.
Sun is a shining, sinking low.


Tom (




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