"Life is Great!", so goes the tune.
"The Earth is just a big, green balloon."
Until it starts to shiver and shake,
Sending quite a nasty earthquake.

Pretty rainbows and butterflies,
But something seems to dim the skies.
"BANG!" goes the volcano exploding loud.
Sending up a huge black cloud.

Puppies and Kitties playing in the grass.
Watching for the lawnmower to pass.
Don't relax and let down your guard.
There's rattlesnakes in the backyard.

For everything that's sweet and pretty,
There's something that's just nitty-gritty.
Hearts and Flowers are perfectly all right.
But hard to see in the dead of night.

So play in the sunlight and sing the tune.
And play with the great big, green balloon.
But if Mother Nature's in a snit,
Be really careful where you sit!

~ Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)


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Note: The featured photograph is an actual image from the NASA website and is free to download. The ultraviolet image of the aurora was at the peak of a small space storm using the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Imager instrument on IMAGE. Brighter green corresponds to brighter auroral light. The view is towards the earth's night side, and the detailed, highly turbulent region near midnight reveals storm activity in the magnetic field surrounding Earth.