Whizzing along on an old time train,
I looked out the window at a cockeyed weathervane.
The engineer saw it, too, stepped on the whoo whoo!
To call our attention to this historical hen aroo.

Seems of all the weather predicted hereabouts,
That hen's eye cocked fooled all of the louts,
They planted during rain, and picked corn from the snow,
Just cause they believed that hen's eye where it'd go.

Worked pretty well, though, for many a yar,
Tractors went sideways and so did the cars.
Barns's roofs were crooked, and so were the houses.
That cockeyed weathervane even fooled horses.

Wagons drove in circles, and the kids grew up twisted,
Moms baked bagels that looked double fisted.
But the town folks all laughed all the way to the bank,
They had all the tourists who laughed at them to thank.


By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)




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