The lake was finally frozen -
Temperatures fell the night before.
Several youngsters had chosen
To practice figure skating once more.

Months had passed since trying a spin
And many were still sort of shaky,
That is, all but Jacob O’Flynn,
Or, as he is better known, “Jakey.”

He sped round the shovel-cleared rink,
His balance and speed uncontested.
So many laps, his cheeks glowed pink -
The tireless lad never rested.

Warmed up for a really wild whirl,
Jakey picked the place where he would spin.
He sped to that slick spot to twirl,
His mouth formed into a showoff’s grin.

The others cheered, shouting his name,
Wild applause carried over the lake.
To Jake it was no more a game -
The unfortunate lad couldn’t brake!

Sharp runners grabbed ruts in the ice -
The poor boy’s feet were trapped mighty tight.
His friends started shouting advice,
While Jake twirled long past the fall of night.

By nine both his blades had cut through,
A near perfect circle from the rink.
As they pulled him out soaked and blue,
He said, “That’s all for today, I think.”


© By Rick Mack (




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