Guess who I met at the Coffee Shop,
Back at the round table at the new Starbucks?
Gregory Peck sat reading Moby Dick,
I smiled "hello" - He thought I was sick.

Hallucinations are fun if you plan them that way,
At another Coffee shop I met Fay Wray,
She was sitting on a swivel stool
Having a soda - chocolate, I drooled!

At the mall Queen Elizabeth dropped in for tea,
The Starbucks man fainted - someone made her a frappee.
She wasn't smiling much, but did wave her hand.
She looked so elegant in her hat tipped so grand.

Harrison Ford, my personal man of choice,
Dropped in and melted me just with his voice.
I hear he's doing Indiana again,
You can bet I'll be there with my hand full of chin.

Guess my Coffee shop party has come to an end.
I had so much fun with all of my friends.
Now I'll turn over with this fever in my head,
And dream something else - maybe palaces instead.

Norma (

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