'Toons by Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)


He called her his Bobblehead doll
She told him not to do that
He kept on with that stupid name
She told him his head was fat

He got angry when called a fathead
And stomped right out the door
She wondered why she hadn't
Thought to call him that before

Paul (AHikingDude@aol.com)


I visited the chocolate factory,
While I was on vacation,
I was enthralled with all I saw,
Each smell and taste sensation.

Sampling all the sweets,
I wandered all around,
When the factory closed,
No where could I be found.

Trapped in a chocolate factory,
That's truly a wondrous delight,
Sniffing and savoring candy,
All through the chocolately night.

Frannie (Frannie516@aol.com)


A boy on his bicycle went by so fast
He never saw me as he went past.
A man in denim, with a wool cap
Zipped up his jacket, so it wouldn't flap.

Neither one saw me, it's like I wasn't there
People strolled by, with hardly a care.
"Hey! Pay me attention!" I wanted to shout.
Tried to open my mouth, nothing came out.

And so I'll just stand here, look at the crowd.
But here comes a dog, barking quite loud.
He stops and he stares, Looking at ME!!
A lone fire hydrant, and he has to pee.



The other day, I lost my Vista.
I think it was stolen by your sista.
Resolving the problem wasnít hard.
Now I have a Mastercard.

Paul (AHikingDude@aol.com)


Disclose secrets or spoil a surprise,
Are actions you can never take back.
Youíll appear a fink in othersí eyes,
For letting the cat out of the sack.

As a blabbermouth, youíll then be known -
Folks will be wary of what they say.
They wonít call you on the telephone,
To send any new gossip your way.

You will live a life of loneliness,
People knowing you canít be trusted.
Thatís the price you have to pay, I guess,
Once a blabbermouth has been busted.

Itís best that your loose lips remain sealed,
And you donít spread around what you hear.
There are things that shouldnít be revealed,
Unless journalist is your career.

RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)


Itís raining on the hollyhocks,
And thatís surely a mystery,
For everywhere else one walks
Itís dry as can possibly be.

After a thorough inspection,
And miracles being dismissed,
A reasonable connection
Was arrived at, and simply this:

Itís not a strange phenomenon -
The explanation is quite clear.
For the baseball landed upon
The greenhouse roof right about here.

RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)


At the end of
His rope
Silly man who
Was a dope

Couldn't get
The car in gear
Or get off his
Lazy rear

So he sat and
He did hope
Someone would
let out more rope

His wife had
left him alone
He waited by
The phone

Nobody called
Nobody came
He was slowly
Going insane

No food in the
House or drink
Dirty dishes piled
High in sink

Woe was he
Poor silly dope
Sitting there
At end of his rope

Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)

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