She was only ten and home from school
In bed with lots of pain
Was she malingering, mother asked
But she is not one to complain

Several days of rest in bed
With glassy eyes and so
The family decided finally
To the family doctor she would go

Punch and poke and questions
Dear Maddy was so tired
The tests came back inconclusive
A CAT scan was required

Poor darling girl was diagnosed
With a cancer, oh so rare
The school year spent in the hospital
Chemotherapy and loss of hair

But Maddy's made of tougher stuff
Than the cancer she had in her
Treatments, tests and boredom
Were no match for our brave girl

The school year has begun again
The calendar's turned a page
In 2005 there will be one last series
To kill the cancer with such rage

The prayers that were sent to her
Went out like ripples on a lake
Around the country and across the sea
Echoing amens for her sake

We keep the prayers outgoing
And from her suffering we can see
That God has plans for all of us
May we all be brave as she

~ Joy (

Joy's poem is about a little girl who came down with Burkitt's Lymphoma, which is very rare and especially rare in children. Thousands are posting on her care page at DeVos Children's Hospital. Joy writes that they have all learned the meaning of faith, bravery and hope from this child as she battles with no complaints. She has abundant faith that no matter what happens she will be okay. Maddy begins this week on her last series (at least we hope so) of chemo. Joy's daughter is the godmother of Maddy's 12 year old brother, Andy.

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