Some enchanted evening, time will be suspended for me.
It will be as though I was never born by a high decree.

When I lay on the operating table, time was no more.
I knew nothing, there wasn’t anything to explore.

Slowly I came back into existence, even though I was there all the time.
It was a feeling of great relief and very sublime.

Some enchanted evening, time will be no more,
But I shall awake on that distant golden shore.

I will know nothing of time that has come and faded away,
But I will be at home for ever and a day.

This earthly body will not awake, but I will take my flight.
My spirit will drift away and out of human sight.

I will not come back into existence, but I will not cease to be.
It will come to pass by a high decree.

~ © Phyllis Ann (


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