Happy people celebrating, having fun
New Year greetings everywhere I go,
I, on the other hand, just sit here having none,
And thinking of someone I used to know.

I wonder what he's doing, if he found someone new
Does he miss me enough to call and say hello?
Probably not, it's not something that he cares to do
For someone that he just used to know

How swiftly love between two people can pass away
And become friendship, where did that love go?
The time goes by and even friendship doesn't stay
Then they become someone they used to know

We put on our best attitudes and smiling face
To the other our bad sides we never show
Then anger stepped in and our love displaced
Now we're just someone we used to know

The lonely nights, the quiet feelings of regret
Will leave, but in the passing, move so slow
And with the striking of the New Year bells
I'll think with love of someone I used to know


By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)




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