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The old Ogden Zinc Line
Once ran by the pond.
Tom Edison’s zinc mine
Brought ores from beyond.

He almost went bankrupt
Trying to mine zinc.
An ending quite abrupt
For a mind that could think.

I thought as I wandered
Through the swirling snow.
I thought and I pondered
What brilliant men know.

Up the old railroad grade,
Along Saffin Pond,
For I was not afraid
GPS will respond.

It pointed to the west
.3 mile to go.
I would give it my best
That cache in the snow!

When through the snow I dug,
I pulled out the cache.
There was NO Travel Bug.
Snow on my moustache.

“Autumn at Saffin Pond”
I signed the log book.
And continued beyond
For caches to look.


© By Paul (



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