Spring! My backyard is full of daffodils, bleeding hearts, irises and tulips. A white lilac bush grows near the back fence and on an opposite corner is a pink rhodendron bush. The peonies and daylilies will bloom a little later, and this summer I'll have sunflowers and Asian lilies in bloom.

My slideshow features a few of the flowers I grow, but it also features some of the places I visit when Ben and I make our annual spring trip to Maine. Camden, Maine is one of my favorite towns and the picture you see is Route #1. Route #1 runs through the middle of the town and during the summer, when the tourists arrive, the traffic is bumper-to-bumper. There are no stop lights in town so you can imagine what it's like trying to drive through it.

Another photo you'll see is Owl's Head Lighthouse. I have better pictures of the light house, but if you look between the trees, you can see it. It sits on a hillside and overlooks the ocean, and the view is spectacular!

I always enjoy the lobster villages and I like to visit when the lobster boats bring in their catch-of-the-day. A workboat will pull up to the pier and a man on the pier will be onhand to unload several large blue tubs of lobsters. The lobsters are then loaded onto trucks and hauled off to restaurants or shipping facilities.

I hope you enjoy my photographs.