Summer! My backyard in summer is full of flowers and shade-loving hostas. This past summer, however, my area of Maryland had record-breaking heat, which meant that my flowers didn't bloom like they should have.

My slideshow features several pictures I took while I was in Maine. My hubby and I go to Maine every year and I take a lot of pictures. You'll see pictures of Kennybunkport's Main Street, fishing boats in Frenchman's Bay in Bar Harbor, Scenes in Acadia National Park, and moose in the Moosehead Lake Region of Greenville, Maine.

I also go to the Maryland State Fair every year. This year I went early one morning, before the midway got crowded. I like to see the quilt exhibit and so you'll see a picture of the quilt that won the Grand Prize.

Maryland farmers grow fields of sunflowers and this year I took pictures. In one field I found mothers with cameras taking pictures of their children with sunflowers. They were kind enough to allow me to take a few pictures.

I hope you enjoy my photographs.