I started painting nearly two years ago but I don't have many paintings to show. I've been teaching myself with 'how-to' books our public library and of course by trial and error. I've learned a lot in the past two years and I still have a lot to learn.

I mostly draw on newsprint and then I transfer my drawing to watercolor paper. I've recently discovered canvas for watercolors and one day soon I plan to try it out. Because I draw on newspaper and then transfer my drawings, I'm able to re-do a painting. I've done that several times but my second attempt hasn't always been the best.

Most of my paintings are hanging in my brother's home, and my daughter has several. It's time that I paint a few more.

I've given each painting a name but they don't appear in any order.

Fifth Avenue (NewYorkCity)

Shy Dahlia

Summer Cottage on Long Island, NY

Pink Peony

Winter Window

Yellow Vase

Moose Crossing

Barn and Buttercups

Pemaquid Lighthouse in Maine

Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine

Pemaquid Lighthouse in Maine

Picking Buttercups

Retired Buoys

Lynn's Chickens

Dad Digging Potatoes

Cat on a Quilt

Mother's School Bell

White Swan

Blue Iris

Quilts on a Clothesline

Lobster Lane