I love winter landscapes. To me, the grays and browns of winter are beautiful. When I know I'll be in a rural area, I always take my camera with me. If I'm not in a hurry to get to a doctor appointment, or to get somewhere else, I often ask Ben to stop the car so I can get out and take pictures.

In this slide show you'll see pictures of a mountain stream after a snowfall. You'll see old buildings, wild turkeys, Canada Geese, cows, wheels of hay and snow.

Many orchid species bloom during the month of January and I have seven. The blooms usually last 3-4 months before they go dormant. I mostly grow the phals because they don't require much light. I have purple phals, white ones, and a yellow one.

Right before Christmas we got 23 inches of snow. At times it was snowing so hard I couldn't see across our court. It's fun to stand on the porch and take pictures while the snow is coming down.

I hope you enjoy my winter photographs.