Midnight and the phone rang. With sleepy slow motions, she picked up the receiver. "Hello," she said.

Silence met her. She again said, "Hello." Still no voice on the other end. She hung up and went back to sleep. Just as she was dozing back to sleep, the phone rang again. Again she picked up the receiver. Still no voice on the other end."

She decided she had a crank caller and left the phone off the hook. Dozing back to sleep, the phone began to beep. The phone company doesn't like it when you leave the phone off the hook.

She put it back in its cradle. The phone rang. She tried to ignore it by putting her pillow over her head. But still she could hear it ringing.

"Hello," she quietly spoke. Still no voice at the other end. By this time she was getting frightened. She phoned the police. They said they could do nothing about it. She phoned the telephone company. But the phone company office was closed until 8 the next morning. So she unplugged the phone completely and went back to sleep.

The next day there was a knock on the door as she was preparing her breakfast. She went to answer the door. It was her brother.

"I tried to call you this morning but there was no answer and I got worried about you."

"Oh I forgot to plug the phone back in." She hurried into the bedroom and plugged the phone back in. Then she explained about the midnight caller.

It wasn't until she read the paper the next day, that she found out who her midnight messenger was. It seems the telephone company had a gliche in their equipment. Many people that night had gotten calls with nobody on the other end. It was simply a computer mixup.


Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)

Photograph by Paul (AHikingDude@aol.com)

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