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P.S. I Love You
By Tom (



Was sitting in the waiting room,
Been there it seemed like hours,
When an elderly man came
With his wife in a wheel chair.

Pain and strife their faces did tell,
Among the deep and striated lines,
And so my puzzle I did put down,
To watch this neat old couple.

He went to the desk, cards and papers ready,
So the nurse did check them in,
And was ready to roll her into a cubicle when
A mother came in carrying a bleeding baby.

The old woman looked at the nurse and said,
"Take the child first, it needs the attention."
So she sat grimacing,
The two old folks tightly holding hands.

After a while, the lady and child emerged,
Thanked the old couple as
They wheeled the child away.
"Thank you, thank you so much," the comment I did hear.

Then as the Nurse rolled the old lady in,
the old man did lean over and kiss her,
and with a big smile said,
"P.S. I love you."


Tom (

P.S. I Love You
By Sharon (



Dear Grandma she writes
I hope you are feeling fine
School lets out for vacation
I want to visit sometime

My cat had some kittens
Do you want me to bring you one
Kittens are soft and furry
They offer up much in fun

Grandma will you bake cookies
The kind with chocolate chips
I love the way they taste
After they melt on my lips

Sister says hello to you
She hopes you are doing well
She has a new boy friend
Oops I promised not to tell

Mama and Dad work very hard
So brother is coming too
We are looking forward to the visit
PS we sure do love you


Sharon (

Dear One
By susi (



Dear one,

I sure do miss you, gone so far
At night I look to see our special star
You know, the one we wished on the last night
Before you left on that fighter jet flight
PS: I'm doing alright

Today the kids just sort of wandered around
Sticking close to the house, reluctant to leave home ground
They know that I am worried about you
So quiet little things is what they do
PS: We love you

The dog is sad, keeps looking at the gate
On the front porch he silently will wait
He's laying next to your old chewed up shoe
Well, we'd better get busy, our chores to do
Oh, PS: The kids said they love you.

The lawn needs mowing, the driveway should be swept
There are the kid's sport schedule to be kept
And one can only do housecleaning just so much
This family sure needs your loving touch
PS: Remember, we love you

Please come home soon to the kids and me
We need you so much as you can plainly see
We fill the hours with anything we can do
To keep the "missing you" times to few
PS: And my darling, I love you


susi (

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