It is so quiet and still, the sun is not yet up.
Six blue jays out in the feed box,
Then comes momma dove
And sends them all off.

Green, so green is everything,
But the heat is making it brown,
The second newspaper comes.
Wish that woman would fix her muffler.

Yellowish to the East,
Guess the sun is about to come up,
Dang little dog way over there
Yapping and it is so early.

Did not turn on the light to make coffee,
Spilled water all over the floor and counter.
Now hell I will catch, for I bet the wrong towel I did use.
Yesterday I bought a big sack of oranges.

Why are grapefruit so dang high?
They used to be cheaper than oranges.
Was thinking of breakfast,
Having eggs or SOS.

Blue Jay back, needs another peanut,
Guess the rest of them went to St Claires.
Got a mess out in the corral,
Just noticed some orange spots on a tree.

Guess I have said enough,
Muddled your thoughts so early in the morning,
Dang sweats are too long, stepping on them.
The sun is not appearing.

By Tom (

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