Photograph by Paul (AHikingDude@aol.com).

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tall man with tall hat
changes in society
were a tall order

Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)


Gettysburg silence
honesty preserved in bronze
President's Day gone

Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)


quietly he sees
birds light on his knees
but his spirit still admired!

Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)


from copper to bronze
in all of his dimensions
Abe's stature has grown

Bob (C1ydeBunky@aol.com)


Tom and Nancy's son
born to become President
died because of it

susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)


will they remember
I tried to do what was right
how long will it take?

Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)


a lonely figure
he beckons you to join him
sit and ponder life

Joy (Joy3032@aol.com)




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