Photograph by Tom (

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Wyoming sunrise
barren landscape fir tree
tis a Lara sky


wide open spaces
spilled paint in the open sky
Maker knows beauty

Tom (


beyond the treeline
sun is waiting patiently
to appear full-blown

Mickey (


trees silhouetted
against colorful high clouds
greets the early morn

Doris (


the blanket of night
lifts and the fringe of
dawn appears

Marilyn (


mystery of a rolling world
night, dawn - dark with light
rolls past noonday bright

Norma (


new day opening
sleepy twittering of birds
soon be full blown song

susi (


early awakened
crickets and birds a chirping
air so fresh and crisp

Sharon (


sun crowns
earth on its throne
queen this day

Bob (


unfolding beauty
dawn displacing dark of night
radiant colors

Jamie (




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