The Gates
Photograph by Paul (

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in mind of artist
orange flags along path are art
in my mind orange rags

Sharon (


just fourteen days they'll flutter
then they'll be forgot.
two did it - so what?

Norma (


wearing saffron robes
seventy-five hundred gates
march through Central Park

Paul (


a serpentine trail
of color brings excitement
to drab Central Park

Marilyn (


real art in motion
large warehouse takes on art scheme
patience a dream makes

Phyllis Ann (


golden, warm shadows
river of saffron winding
thru green Central Park

susi (


exclamation point!
what's real and what's fantasy?
orange glows the path.

Swampetta (


genius and artist
a "fool your eye" charlatan
choice is up to you

Joy (




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