I remember when we met,
Such opposites we surely were,
You with your fine ways,
Me one step out of the gutter.

Friends we are and friends we have been,
Never, touching, never meeting,
But oh the joys to me you have given,
As our friendship has so deepened.

Less than two lustrum we have chatted
And gotten to known each other.
Through ups and down, through thick and thin,
My dear friend you have been.

You can and will never fathom,
My joy of knowing you,
You my closet friend, my very own confidant,
My near and dear close friend.

Oh how I wish earlier we had met,
Wish we had touched and had loved,
Oh how deep and sweet it would have been,
But such is fate, such is our own way.

The joy of knowing you does make my day.
For it brings smiles in the morning,
Smiles even when I am mourning,
So I do thank you every day.

Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)



The Joy Of Knowing You


You were a wee thing
when first we did meet
A babe just born to life
Tiny hands and tiny feet

Most fortunate was I
That you stayed with me
Throughout childhood
Until grown and quite free

A special bond I felt
My granddaughter for you
I think I always shall
Though now you have a beau

For I was there when you
Came into my life that day
Held you in my arms and
I began to sob away

Nothing is so precious
As a new born baby child
The Joy of knowing you
Has sustained me for awhile

You are headed off to
Start a life of your own
College first then a job
And babies now you're grown

No matter where you go
Or what you happen to do
The pleasure is all mine
From the joy of knowing you


Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)



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