This morning when I arose,
After my coffee I did pour,
Out on the deck I did wander
To find all enshrouded in fog.

All I could see was one lone tree,
Standing there not far away,
All alone in this big white sea,
All alone just like me.

I strained my eyes all around,
Naught I saw except that tree.
Eerie oh it really was,
As I was in Nature’s blanket.

Then as my coffee I did reheat,
As I stood in my nightshirt,
I could see it slowly lift,
Mother Nature was giving in.

Comes the morning, comes the dawn,
Comes the sun above it all.
As it is in life, as it is around the world,
Mother Nature is a powerful lady.

As Mother Nature, her blanket lifted,
As the warmth of the fall morning I did feel,
As the fog did fade away,
I looked up and said, "Ole."


© Tom (

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