The years we worked, the years we slaved,
Have all paid off today.
Today, my wife, my love, the summer place is ours,
But you did not wait to see the birds in their new house...

On the bank, on the shore, so many shrubs and flowers grow,
Inside and outside, looks so great,
But you just could not wait,
So I must, all alone, enjoy what we did so much want.

To the boaters and fishermen, I do wave and give a grin,
As I the garden tend,
Thinking of you as I work and bend,
But you did not stay around.

Until I am called to join you,
I will try to make it as we wished,
So my darling, my one love,
Smile down and enjoy it with me.




Tom Hamm is the author of 'Summer Retreat'.
He is a regular contributor to the Writers' Corner and to Lara's Den.
If you would like to use his writings on your website, send him an e-mail.

~ Tom (

©August 2004



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