I close my eyes and squeeze the pillow,
To soon find myself in slumberland,
By a passing stream, beneath a willow,
Bathed in the feeling that life is grand.

An idyllic scene in which I sit,
My troubles having been set aside,
A chance for me to rest up a bit,
Mundane problems, no longer abide.

I awake to greet the dawning light,
And all the burdens the day does pose.
Yet, refreshed, for I know that tonight,
I may return to where that stream flows.

Such stress reducing dreams energize,
Recharging batteries, so to speak.
Filling our heads with sweet surprise,
While this requisite repose we seek.







Richard McCusker is the author of the poem on this webpage. His e-mail is: Richard McCusker (richard_mccusker@comcast.net)


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