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The Love Bug

A love bug's done bit me
And it sure raised a welt.
I got some feelings
I ain't never felt!

Just keep on thinking
Of you day and night,
All of this mooning from
One little bite!

My head is all messed up,
That bug stole my heart.
I'll be yours forever,
Once I get a head start


By Swampetta (


A Bug's Love

I've got a little bug
For romance with you
Please give me a hug

By Sharon (


A Bug's Love

Loving bee with the hearts
Sting my lady tonight.
Feed her a potion of love,
Make me the one she desires.

Loving bee with youth and charm,
Flit about and place her in my arms,
Let me hold her close to me,
Let us closely our lips touch.

Loving bee, yee with youth
Tell the lady I do her love,
Tell her she I do desire,
Cast a love spell on her

By Tom (


A Bug's Love

A bug's love is small, but can be a mighty thing.
It can be as hurtful as a mosquito's sting.

It can bring on a glow and glimmer like a lightning bug,
Or give you a buzz like a bee's knees hug.

It can be wild like a hornet's rage,
And beautiful as a butterfly on a printed page.

Some would say that love can soar on a dragon fly's wings,
But also be down to earth with the ant as he gleans.

It can put a spring in your step like a grasshopper on a summer's day,
Or be as slow as a snail on your sidewalk in the month of May.

Love can be as happy as a lady bug on your window sill,
But can also be as deadly as a scorpion after its kill.

What would you compare to a tiny bug's love?
I hope you wouldn't squash it like a spider on your rug.

By Phyllis Ann (


A Bug's Love

Little bee, oh little bee,
Do me a favor please,
Fly around, fly around,
Find the one I love.

With my heart in your hand,
Fly around, fly around,
Take it to her,
Tell her of my love,
Oh my little turtle dove,
Fly around with my heart.

Take it to my lady fair,
Impart my loving heart
Right there,
Fly around little bee, fly around.

Smiling, buzz, and even sing,
But, oh please take my message please,
Tell her it is she I love,
Will she be my turtle dove,
Little bee fly around.

By Tom (


A Bug's Love

A merry little inchworm
Was lonely as could be,
Then he saw a lady bug,
Spots and legs to see.

She nuzzled him nose to nose,
He squeezed up his furry back,
Just meaning to get close,
But shoved her down a crack.

By Norma (


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