From A Higher Place

By Barbara (

It is upward I look to see the soldier's patrol The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier.

They guard it better than Fort Knox, better than any other land mark I can think of.

They spend a lot of time getting their shoes and uniforms just right.

They get their mind and life right too, or they are not allowed to have this duty.

It is a duty, but considered an honor.

A man on this patrol deserves much respect, he gives up much.

He is an honorable man. He patrols in sun and rain and sleet and snow.

God bless the ones who show respect to those who are buried near.

Teach your children and grandkids to show respect to these men, and to those who are laid to rest at Arlington also.

Memorial Day

By Phyllis Ann (

Another Memorial Day is upon us.
They have not died in vain for honor, the just and the unjust.

Our minds travel back over years and many wars fought for different reasons.
Soldiers have marched into eternity in the cold, heat and all of the seasons.

We grieve for them, their families and friends.
It seems that these wars will never end.

POWs and MIAs are remembered with special prayers.
Their fate is something for which we deeply care

No matter what we say or do to remember them on this day.
We can't forget the hallowed ground in which they lay.

Memorial Day


As soon as man learned to walk upright and use tools...He invented war.

"I'm better than you are so I'll prove it by fighting you!"

"Your land is supposed to mine because one of my ancestors lived there. I'll fight you to get it back."

And the worst one of all...."My God is better than your God and he says to kill anyone who doesn't like him."

War has turned into something that we should expect like any of earth's cycles..Seasons, tides, comets...

Maybe it is Mother Nature's way of keeping the population from getting out of hand. Although I doubt that.

Maybe it's Mankind's way of keeping the money in the right bank.

Has there ever been a non-profit war?


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