Fakes and Begorrah

On Saint Paddy’s day, all wearing their green
Many false pretenders are often seen
But Irish they’re not
If sober they’re caught
And without a bar on which they might lean

Language Barrier

It hard for many Irish to believe
That there are some snakes that never did leave
For St. Patrick’s command
They failed to understand
Learning Gaelic they never did achieve

Mired Down

The local bartenders were all aghast
For St. Paddy’s Day would be coming fast
The Guinness truck
In mud was stuck
And they hadn’t enough liquor to last

Non Event

The pubs are crowded on St. Paddy’s Day
While ale after ale is fast put away
Glasses are raised
The saint is praised -
Like any other day, most people say

The Sham

Shamus wore a shamrock in his lapel
And exuded Irish cologne’s fine smell
Colleens, drawn like flies,
Listen to his lies
Yet, to his poor mum, he’s a ne’r-do- well.

© Limericks by RickMack (rmrickmack@aol.com)







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