Our memories will last a lifetime
As we go thruout the years
The people who came into our lives
Making it special, even if for a short time
There's been a lot of changes, in years gone by
But your memories of the good times, some sad times
Each brings back a moment, fresh within your mind
There may be a little thing, that reminds you of someone
A certain place, a special song
The gift of friendship, the precious of all
Those photos of faces, you see in your mind
Can bring back old memories, forgotten in time
Within one's own memory, we'll cherish those moments
Looking back in time.

By Marty (


She was a lovely lady cheated by old father time,
Struck down by breast cancer while still in her prime.

Her sisters mourned her untimely demise.
In her time, there was no cure, no reprise.

Beautiful Carolyn, artistic and demure,
Cheated of a life that was destined to be secure.

Captured in photographs for future generations to view,
She was given her place in the family, given her due.

A rose lost and faded into the past.
Gone forever, her lot was cast.

In memory of my paternal grandmother's sister, Carolyn.

By Phyllis Ann (


Back in the era when time pieces ran
And woman wore beautiful hats
And candlelight lit up the house at night
And we feared on path some black cats

Back when carriages ran without gas
And horses were kept in the shed
And no man wore a shabby shirt torn
And ladies were shunned who wore red

Back in the era where women were owned
No brain were they allowed to show
And nobody left their homes to go out
If the streets were covered in snow

Back in the good old days of long past
Were those days really quite so good
Perhaps it is just false memories there
Some not properly understood

There were no automatic washers then
Men toiled long hours in the field
To keep a large family from starving so
With very little money yield

Women died in birth more frequently and
Babies didn't make it to life
People died of polio and measles
Bad health caused families such strife

Back in the era when time pieces ran
And women wore beautiful hats
We didn't survive diseases and storms
And homes got over run with rats

So when we dream of the good old days past
Lets remember the bad times too
And try to appreciate our lives now
And be happy instead of sad

By Sharon (

Our Love

We fell in love in the spring
After I gave her a dandelion,
She laughed and big spender me called,
We walked and did hold hands.

Then the summer came,
And closer we became,
We kissed, we hugged,
Oh I knew it was real love.

And when the fall did come,
As the trees did change their color,
We knew our love was true,
Knew we were meant for each other,

And as the winter came,
We did share our warmth,
And by the fireplace tall,
We were married there.

So many seasons we say pass,
Good times and bad times we saw,
But our love did deepen
As we became one with each other.

Ups and downs, family too,
We did it all see,
But as the spring this year came,
She did leave me.

So now I face the world alone,
Only our memories I do carry alone.
But as I walk on the hill,
I know she will walk with me each season.

By Tom (


So many things in my life,
Not all were worth looking back.
The first love that cut like a knife.
So hard to get myself on track.

Getting older my experience grew.
I had to deal with both good and bad.
When I discovered all that I knew,
I realized just what I had.

Memories aren't always sweet,
Some still hurt after all those years.
I can still feel the waves of heat,
And the salt that lived in my tears.

Sometimes you need to look back,
To see how far you have traveled.
Let the painful fade into black,
And your memories will be unraveled.

By Swampetta (


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