Mother is a magic word , it flashes pictures and memories through the mind.
Mother means to be safe and protected and cared for.
My children call me Mom, one calls me Ma. My grands call me granma, except the oldest, she calls me grandma Barbara. My oldest son calls me Mom. He died when he was 26. Of all my children, he will never grow old, he will always be 26. He gave me bear hugs. He and the youngest boy, they didn't think I was delicate.

Life would be awful without the memories I cherish. Each and everyone of my family is different, but loving and they know family is important.

Mother is what I aspired to be and I was a loving one and still am.
My grands are precious too.

To be a true Mother you give up a lot, but you don't mind. You knew from the beginning of the sacrifices you were going to make. You knew the life you wanted them to have, one better than yours. And love, lots of love.

Perhaps Mother is another name for love.

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