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Lonely she sat, dreaming of him,
Dreaming of the life they had.
A bunch of daisies by her side,
No tears she shed, but she was sad.

For her love had passed on,
The day after he had proposed.
Gone was her loving man,
Gone were her dreams and him.

Alone she sat in the meadow wide,
Just her and the daisies she had picked.
Thoughts of the past three years,
Thoughts of them coming here.

What would she do, what life would she have,
For her hopes and dreams had been smashed.
Lonely and with melancholy galore,
She reminisced and wanted more.

Alone she sat with the simple flowers,
Thinking and dreaming of what she had planned,
But fate had stepped in, now ahead she must go.
But oh she missed him, ever so.

By Tom (

Good morning sunrise
You cheer my day so
Emitting such warmth
Sending daytime's glow

Each morn you appear
Starting the day right
Greeting me awake
Turning on the light

By Sharon (

Sunrise, sunrise,,
Looks like morning in your eyes
We've made it through another night,
Now we can see the morning light.

At night when you lay sleeping
Your eyes closed on secrets you've been keeping.
And when they opened I could see,
How much you have given to me.

The moon shined on us with its beautiful glow.
But when sunlight comes it's then I know.
We are as one, and together forever.
The love that binds us nothing can sever.

By Swampetta (

Sunrise, Sunrise, looks like morning in your eyes.

The miracle of sunrise,
Morning in the eyes of
Renewed day.

Bitter cold days,
Heart-rending days,
In respite.

Morning sunrise,
Warm for now,
Such joy.

Mourning turned to morning,
Preposterous thrill.

Deep, deep.

By Norma (


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