Geraldine, the geriatric giraffe,
Never seen to giggle, grin, smile or laugh,
Her speech was so faint,
She voiced no complaint
To serene and indifferent zoo staff.

“Say there, chum,” chimed the cheery chimpanzee,
“Why so glum? Why this maudlin misery?”
Geraldine glanced down
With familiar frown,
Mumbling some sound of incoherency.

Cupping a hand on an overlarge ear,
Chimp stretched itself tall on three toes to hear.
“Repeat, I implore.”
Gerry mouthed once more,
While below, the chimp had no idea.

The ape leaped high and grabbed a knobby knee,
Creeping up thigh and huge haunch until he
Topped Geraldine’s neck
Where there was a heck
Of exceptionally swell scenery.

“Now my fine friend,” said the tail-challenged monk,
“Let’s put an end to your frustrating funk.
Tell me the reason
You’re out of season,
For I can’t stand to see spirits so sunk.”

Gerry muttered, “Tttime is ppassing me by,”
Stuttering on, “Oh my, hhhow ddays ddo fly.
Each morn, I must ccount
The fffleeting amount.”
Lashes fluttered as she began to cry.

“Tell me, why this frump over fleeting years?
Time passes for all, but seldom with fears.”
Geraldine replied,
“Accept it? I’ve tttried,
Bbbut seems each day a new age sspot appears!”




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Graphics by Marilyn