She told me she was leavin',
And since then I've been grievin'.
Heck, she wouldn't even tell me why.
I thought we got on jes' fine,
That she always would be mine,
But all that there woman done was lie.

San Sabastian Marina,
Was the last place I seen her,
In a Boston Whaler with some guy.
They were grinnin'ear to ear,
As she hoisted high a beer,
To me yellin', "Here's mud in yer eye."

With twin Yamaha motors,
The envy of most boaters,
That powerful craft could dang near fly.
Givin' the throttle a hit,
The fella showed off a bit,
Liftin' the Whaler's bow three feet high.

As they entered the river,
My lower lip did quiver,
I surely felt I was gonna cry.
The tide had gone out by then,
And they neared the channel, when
The whaler got stuck tight, high and dry.

That propeller dug in deep,
As I saw her and that creep
Watchin' Cap Eddy's launch cruisin' by.
A smile spread across my lips,
When I saw her, hands on hips -
It seems on no man could she rely.



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