As many people know, the camel
Has odd characteristics. The first
In this comic, shaggy-haired mammal,
Is its phenomenal lack of thirst.

Oasis to oasis it roams,
Never ever requiring drinks.
But not a pet to keep in your homes,
Because its domesticity stinks.

A camel's temper can be quite foul -
It looks one in the eye and then spits.
That's why many Arabs wear a towel,
To wipe the damp place off where it hits.

It has a rolling waddle, or walk,
That can cause a novice great distress.
Motion sickness, the usual squawk -
Riders wear old clothes or flowing dress.

Large hoofs has the animal for feet -
In the desert this is an asset.
While it may appear slow on a street,
On those sand dunes, no car can pass it.

Another quite outstanding feature
Are long eyelashes extraordinaire
Found adorning this forlorn creature,
Envied by women everywhere.

The Dromedary has but one hump,
While the Bactrian is known for two,
Marooned on deserts, what's in a lump?
Either model will certainly do.

Please, remember when you climb aboard,
Though it kneels down to make it easy,
This small courtesy should be ignored,
For it just wants to make you queasy.


By Richard McCusker (

Camel graphic by Richard McCusker





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